This website is dedicated to my family and friends. To my family, for their love and support of my many travels and the time I have spent away from home. To my many friends, who are patient enough, to listen to the tales of my adventures.

I must admit that I am somewhat lazy. Even though I have taken 1000’s of photos, I have published only a very few because my joy is the experience of being in the moment of taking the picture. I love to show the kids on the streets of Cambodia their picture on the screen of my camera but I get lazy when I get back home and need to decide which picture is the most worthy.

Traveling has always been part of my life. In my early teenage years, I traveled through a majority of the states and to many areas in Mexico and Canada. As the thirteenth child in my family, two of my brothers who were in the moving business liked to take me along on the long hauls so I could “see the world” or maybe it was to help unload all that furniture.

During the last 2 years of my teenage life, I lived in Europe while serving in the US Army. This tour of duty gave me the opportunity to visit many of the countries of Europe. In the 70’s and early 80’s, I was fortunate enough to return to Europe for a different view of Europe that I could not previously afford on a soldier’s salary. In more recent years, I have been blessed with the ultimate ingredient that all travelers long to have and that is time-time to travel whenever and wherever they have ever dreamed to explore. During the late 1990’s and 2000’s, I traveled to the truly fascinating countries of Africa, Asia and India where I have met some very warm people and just beautiful children. I also made two trips to get as close to the poles as possible - going both up to the Artic Circle and down to Antarctica-probably just thrown in to remind me how cold the world can really be sometimes.

My desire to travel comes from a curiosity of what the world looks like, who lives there, why they live where they do, how they survive and a desire to understand the different cultures of the world. The journey and adventure continues to amaze me.

The single most precious conclusion that I have drawn from my travel experience is that I AM BLESSED TO LIVE IN AMERICA.

I hope you enjoy my photo journey.